Regret Spending

With Christmas behind us and the New Year has begun, most people are looking at clearing up their debt accumulated from Christmas. Most people are probably dealing with spending regret. Of course, it was fun to rack up the debt and seeing the joy of family and friends faces after they opened up the perfect gift was amazing but the consequences do not feel that great.

Some side effects from regret spending are nausea, guilt, the sweats and the question on how the heck I am going to pay this off.

Here are some helpful ideas to help you pay off your Christmas Debt

  • Cut your spending until you have got rid of your debt

  • Consilidate your debt into a lower interest line of credit

  • Set up and automatic withdrawl to tackle the debt

  • Pay with cash so you don’t accumulate more debt

It know time your debt should decrease. Remember if you are looking for books on how to get rid of debt, visit your local library.


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