Budget Time

The most uncomfortable time of the year… End of the year budget.

This the time to look at your finances and decide if you overspent or on track.

Well, I overspent. There was a time in my life where I was so good at saving. That time has passed.

I have been a full time mom for 7 years but the last 2 -3 years money has been tighter. We have one income and lead a fairly modest lifestyle but unfortunately, the city we live in has become more expensive.

Challenge – Only spending on necessities for the next 60 days. Becoming more mindful of what I am spending my money on.

I am scheduled to meet up with some old work friends for dinner. I will be thoughtful when ordering. This should be interesting.

Will this challenge make me spend less and save more?

So far…

2020 Money spent on


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